Spectacle Lenses

Our Autumn Promotion.

Buy one pair of Zeiss Lenses and get a second pair of Zeiss Lenses at 50% off. Must be part of a complete new pair including frames .Offer covers all Zeiss lenses including Varifocals.

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At Cottam and Glaister, we are a Zeiss Relaxed Vision Centre. Although we can do any brand of spectacle lenses, we find Zeiss fits well with our practice ethos of good quality products at the right price. Zeiss is known throughout the world for being at the cutting edge of lens technology; Google Earth uses Zeiss lenses to capture spectacular images of the Earth. Zeiss camera lenses were taken by NASA to the moon.

Over 15 years ago, we were one of the first practices in the area to embrace Zeiss measuring technology. Due to our continued investment, we are proud to be the only practice on the Fylde to introduce to you the Zeiss Visufit 1000.
The latest contactless 3D measuring system from Zeiss, It gathers 45 millions points of data to produce the most accurate measurements.
The Zeiss Visufit 1000 allows us to produce an Avatar image of your head. This is NOT a photograph but an extremely accurate way of producing spectacles that are the perfect fit as well as enabling virtual try on of frames.

By understanding your lifestyle we can recommend a Zeiss lens that will suit you. Take the My Vision Profile test here to analyse your vision:


Single vision lenses – the most widely used spectacle lenses.


Now there is full UV protection in all clear ZEISS lenses.
Whatever your prescription, modern ZEISS technology can produce extraordinarily flat and lightweight lenses, even for high prescriptions. With a choice of four different quality performance tiers, you can pick the solution that best matches your vision needs. Enjoy perfect vision, right to the edge of the lenses – and they look really good too.

Zeiss progressive (varifocal) lenses
ZEISS progressive lenses (also known as varifocals) offer optimum vision for near and far. These lenses are tailor-made just for you, ensuring great wearer tolerance, fast adaptation and all-around clear vision. If you’ve had problems adapting to varifocals in the past, it’s likely we can improve on your previous experience.

Individual – just like you.
We offer a wide selection of progressive lenses and can optimise the lenses to meet your needs. Just tell us about your lifestyle and what you need your glasses to do for you and we’ll recommend the right lenses for you. Cutting-edge computer technology assists in measuring visual performance and fitting the lenses to your frames. The near, intermediate and distance zones are all incorporated into one lens with smooth transitions. These lenses are tailor-made for your facial shape, your lifestyle, your career and your vision needs.


Zeiss DriveSafe lenses
Spectacle lenses for driving
Reach your destination safely and stress-free


Being able to see well is a prerequisite for safe driving. On the road our eyes are working overtime, constantly shifting focus between the street, the sat-nav and the rearview and wing mirrors. Bad weather or poor light conditions often make it difficult to see.
For excellent comfort and safety on the road. ZEISS DriveSafe lenses are optimised for driving. These lenses help you enjoy:

  • Better vision in low light conditions, for safer and more comfortable driving
  • Reduced glare at night from oncoming cars or street lights
  • Accurate vision of the road, dashboard, rear-view mirror and side mirrors

Available in single vision and progressive (varifocal) designs.

Zeiss Office Lenses


Lenses for computer users – enjoy comfortable vision in the office
People usually notice the change when they're 35 or older; working at a computer screen and shifting your eyes is suddenly harder work i.e. from the keyboard to the screen or from the calendar to your phone. To see clearly at different distances, you might unconsciously assume an uncomfortable posture, e.g. by leaning forward or raising your head. The result can be back and neck pains, along with dry or teary eyes. Zeiss Office lenses help prevent this type of visual stress: they are customised for your workspace. Unlike reading or progressive (varifocal) lenses – optimised for all your required distances while working in front of a computer screen.

Not just for work
Zeiss office lenses also help you see better in your free time, whether you're reading, watching TV, cooking, surfing online or playing a musical instrument. We will be happy to advise you and select the best solution from the range of Zeiss office lenses.


Zeiss Digital Lenses.
The remedy to Digital Eyestrain.
On average, we look at our smartphones, tablets or TV screens for almost five hours every day and we glance at our mobile phones as many as 80 times a day. Small font sizes and the constant switching of your focus from near to far is challenging for your eyes. From the age of 30 onwards, this can lead to digital eyestrain. ZEISS Digital Lenses offer the perfect remedy by enabling fast, comfortable focusing, thanks to a specially optimised near zone – no matter where we look. These lenses are not only for digital devices and computer screens but they’re great for reading books and magazines too.

Zeiss EnergizeMe spectacle lenses
Time to refresh your tired eyes
New for contact lens wearers: relaxed eyes, less eye strain, clear and sharp vision.
Zeiss EnergizeMe spectacle lenses are the first of their kind worldwide to be specially designed for the needs of contact lens wearers. Enjoy stress-free vision after removing your contact lenses: this is an innovative lens design tailored to the visual behaviour of contact lens wearers, combined with a technology and lens coating for great vision in the digital world. Treat your eyes to that special refreshed feeling.



Sunglass lenses from Zeiss
Fashionable UV protection and extremely clear vision outdoors in the sun

100% UV Protection
This fashionable accessory gives you superb, clear vision and 100% protection against UVA and UVB rays. Whether you have prescription lenses or not, our comprehensive range features individualized sunglass lenses for everyone. Select your personal tint colour, how dark you want them to be, whether you want them mirror coated or not, wraparound or not – the options are unlimited.

You can also choose self-tinting lenses, so they darken in the sun and clear again indoors.