Eye Examination

If you want someone you can trust with your eyes, you’re in the right place. Your eye health is our top priority, so we’ve invested in the most advanced equipment to help us detect eye problems before they become a problem to you.

We are the only optometry practice in Lancashire to have an Optomap and an OCT machine. We allow plenty of time for you to ask questions and to discuss your needs. Our optometrists undertake continuous education and training in eye disease.


Our full comprehensive eye examination: £59.00

  • Optomap retinal exam, a detailed panoramic image of the back of the eye
  • A detailed questionnaire of your eye history, your health and any concerns you have
  • A thorough check of your vision at all distances
  • A check of how your eye muscles are working
  • Testing for all eye diseases and abnormalities e.g glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration
  • A check of your peripheral vision
  • A prescription for spectacles if you need them
  • Advice on types of spectacles and contact lenses to suit your lifestyle
  • Advice and opportunity to ask questions about your vision, your eye health and how to keep them healthy

If you are eligible for an NHS eye examination (please ask if you’re not sure) you can deduct the NHS fee from the cost of our full comprehensive eye examination. You may, if you prefer, decide to have the more basic NHS eye examination, in which case there is no charge to you but this does not include the Optomap. We feel the full comprehensive eye examination with Optomap is worth paying a bit extra for, as it does give the optometrist a much better view of the back of your eyes and a precise record to compare to at your next examination.

NHS eligible fully comprehensive eye examination £37.29

Private routine eye examination (not including Optomap) £38.50

You may need a further test with our OCT machine which can look under the layers of retina at the back of your eye in microscopic detail. This helps us detect eye disease and is especially recommended for those at risk of glaucoma or macular degeneration e.g. if you have a family member with one of these conditions.

OCT (optical coherence tomography) £35.70