Dry Eye and Red Eye Assessments

Emergency eye care: £34.50

We provide an emergency service during practice hours for anyone who has an urgent eye problem. We can assess the problem and advise you on treatment. If you need to see a specialist, we can refer you to the right place. Phone us to book an appointment.
Emergency symptoms include (but are not limited to) :

  • A red, painful eye
  • A sudden increase in floaters (black spots) or a flashing arc of light in the edge of your vision
  • Blurred vision which came on suddenly

Out of practice hours, please see your GP, phone NHS 111, attend the Walk-In Centre on Whitegate Drive, Blackpool or, in extreme circumstances, go to A&E at Blackpool Victoria Hospital.

Minor eye conditions service: £34.50

We are happy to see you for minor eye conditions such as:

  • infection
  • allergy
  • eyelid lumps
  • in-growing eyelashes
  • foreign body stuck in the eye

You optometrist is knowledgeable and well-equipped to deal with and treat most minor eye conditions. If it turns out to be more serious, we will refer you to the right place for specialist treatment.

Dry eye service: £40

Dry eyes are very common and there are many different causes. Your optometrist can assess the problem, diagnose and explain the type of dry eye you have and start you on treatment right away.

Symptoms of dry eye can include: hot, irritated, burning, gritty or tired eyes and intermittent blurring of vision. A watery eye is often actually a dry eye, trying to get wet again.