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Eyes in a digital world

It’s easy to forget about the parts of the body that just work. Eyes are often taken for granted until something starts to go wrong and there are millions of people in the UK who have never even thought to have their eyes checked, just as a precaution. Who do you go to when you…

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Slip, slop, slap

The Australians are definitely more clued up than us on one thing – sun protection. Their public health campaign slip, slop, slap told everyone down under to ‘slip on a shirt, slop on suncream and slap on a hat’. But what are the effects of those dangerous ultraviolet (UV) rays on the eyeballs of we sun-starved people…

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A 21st Century Epidemic

It may shock you to learn that 96% of 19 year old men in South Korea are short-sighted (myopic). It’s not just a problem in the Far East. A recent study has shown that short-sightedness (myopia) in children in the UK has more than doubled since the 1960s. The study also found that our children…

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Are your eyes ready for your ski trip?

A new apartment complex in Kazakhstan plans to include a 1,000ft ski slope, running from the roof to the ground. But, for now at least, the rest of us will have to make do with a skiing holiday in Europe. For spectacle wearers, there are a few things to consider before you go. On a…

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Drive Safely: Winter is Coming

The nights are drawing in and more of us will be commuting in the dark. According to studies, many people feel insecure, uncomfortable and stressed when driving – especially in difficult light and weather conditions. When driving, good visibility is crucial for safety and accident prevention. This autumn, Cottam and Glaister opticians in St Annes…

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What lies beneath?

I’ve been looking at people’s retinas for 14 years but never before have I been able to look underneath their retina. Imagine looking at the surface of a lake; you might be able to see the odd fish if it breaks the surface of the water. Now compare that to getting in to the water…

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