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Our Service is as Special as Your Eyes

Why Choose Us

1. We're always learning new things. Our optometrists keep up-to-date with advances in eye care and technology. This means manufacturers often give us new products for you to try before they become available elsewhere.

2. You can choose which optometrist you want to see and see them again next time. Meet the team

3. We have a laboratory on-site which means we are sometimes able to do minor repairs.

4. We're independent. This means we can recommend any product we think best for you without being restricted or pressured by a 'head office'. This means the products we stock are those we really believe in.

5. We fit contact lenses, even the most complicated ones, any brand in the world. Learn more

6. Outstanding equipment. We are the only opticians in Lancashire to have Optomap and OCT machines, making it easier to detect eye problems at an early stage. Learn about this equipment

7. We make time for you: long examination times and eyewear consultations, time for you to ask questions.

8. We have a good relationship with the local hospital eye consultants, both NHS and private.

9. Precision lenses: pinpoint measuring techniques and Zeiss quality means each lens can be tailored exactly for you. Learn about Zeiss lens technology

10. Enormous choice of quality frames, including designers and lesser known brands (so you won't have the same glasses on as your neighbours). See Our Brands