Drive Safely: Winter is Coming

The nights are drawing in and more of us will be commuting in the dark.

According to studies, many people feel insecure, uncomfortable and stressed when driving – especially in difficult light and weather conditions. When driving, good visibility is crucial for safety and accident prevention. This autumn, Cottam and Glaister opticians in St Annes are offering the ideal solution to those night-driving difficulties.
Market research has revealed that the three most common visual challenges when driving are; poor visibility in low light conditions, glare from oncoming cars at night and difficulty in refocusing when the eyes switch between the road and dashboard. Many people find the glare from headlights of oncoming cars, streetlights or reflections extremely irritating, particularly when driving in twilight or at night. In the recent years, this has become even worse as most cars have xenon or LED headlights, which display a high portion of blue light, causing the human eye to react more sensitively. This makes it even more important to have the appropriate level of glare protection in order to make driving more comfortable and safer.
Measurements conducted on behalf of spectacle lens manufacturer, ZEISS, showed that drivers watch the road for 97% of the driving time. However, the eyes also have to switch focus quickly and constantly from the distance to the dashboard and between the mirrors.
These driving challenges, led ZEISS to create DriveSafe lenses, featuring an optimised spectacle lens design that takes into account the driver’s pupil size in poor light conditions, offering more relaxed and better vision when driving in poor light. This, coupled with the latest surface coating, can cut perceived glare by up to 64%. Cottam & Glaister Optometrists believe that ZEISS DriveSafe Lenses are the ideal lens solution for patients who need one pair of spectacle lenses for both daily use and enhanced visual performance when driving.