What lies beneath?

I’ve been looking at people’s retinas for 14 years but never before have I been able to look underneath their retina. Imagine looking at the surface of a lake; you might be able to see the odd fish if it breaks the surface of the water. Now compare that to getting in to the water in scuba gear; suddenly the underwater world is teaming with life. This is how I felt when we first got our OCT machine (Optical Coherence Tomography) at Cottam and Glaister. A whole new world of understanding has opened up and we can detect eye disease and explain the problem so much better. It tells me why someone’s getting flashing lights in their vision. It tells me if someone has macular degeneration (AMD) and whether treatment might be needed. It warns me if someone is getting early signs of glaucoma. All this without shining bright lights at the patient. Absolute magic.

Slice of retina as taken by the OCT